What you need to know

Amber Lodge


We provide care for a range of needs. The 'Our Services' section describes the types of care service we provide and each care centre on the website indicates whether it offers nursing, residential or dementia care.

We are often asked about the services available at our care centres as well as fees, and even car parking. The services, atmosphere and character of each care centre will vary and it is important that you find somewhere that is suitable for you. Each care centre has a "Service User Guide" to outline the services and any local variations to help you make your decision. This section provides an overview of topics most commonly discussed by visitors when they visit.

Care Plans

An initial care plan will be drafted prior to your admission. This will be reviewed within 2 days of admission. The timing of reviews is responsive to residents' needs. You can at any time initiate a review of your care plan. Any review requirements should be discussed with your Care Centre Manager.


Our fees are reviewed in line with the registering local authority, and the services provided.  This is usually in April and/or October each year (although this may vary). Fees are dependent upon your care package and will be agreed with the Care Centre Manager prior to admission. Fees are stated within the Terms and Conditions of Residency, however the Care Centre Manager will be able to provide you with details of the current fees as they apply to your care package.

There may be additional expenses that you need to consider. Typical additional costs incurred by residents are:-










Personal Clothing




Hobby Materials


Wheelchairs/Surgical Equipment

Car Parking

Car parking for visitors is available in most cases. If you are particularly concerned about this, have a chat with the Care Centre Manager.


Meridian Healthcare introduced a smoking policy for residents and staff on 1st May 2007. Visitors and staff are no longer allowed to smoke within any of our care centres. Many care centres have a no-smoking policy in place. Unfortunately, for Health and Safety reasons, residents cannot smoke in bedrooms.


Residents' clothing is laundered on site and we kindly ask that all clothing is machine washable above 60 degrees, colourfast and is clearly named prior to admission. We would also ask that any new items are named and entered onto the property list. Although we are happy to provide the laundry service, we cannot accept responsibility for any damaged items. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for items that require dry cleaning, although this can be arranged via the care centre for a small charge.


We have an activities programme designed to provide social stimulation within each care centre, organising trips out and fund raising for the residents. We will be happy to discuss any particular interests or hobbies that you may have.

A programme of events is displayed on notice boards throughout the care centre. The programme is reviewed on a regular basis following discussion with residents and relatives, and includes both group and individual activities. If you have any suggestions or would like to offer support for any of the activities, please discuss them with the Care Centre Manager, Head of Care or Senior Carer.

Spiritual Needs

We try to meet all religious and spiritual needs and local church ministers make regular visits to the Care Centre. Individual requests/needs should be discussed with the Care Centre Manager.


We follow a varied menu cycle, which has been devised through consultation with the residents to meet their dietary and nutritional needs. However alternatives are available upon request. Special dietary needs can be catered for but should be discussed with the Care Centre Manager prior to admission.


Residents are encouraged to eat in the dining rooms provided, however they are welcome to eat in their rooms if they wish.

Typical Meal Times

Please note that meal times provided below are for guidance only. Meal times are dependent upon the requirements of individuals and therefore may vary.

Breakfast 8.00am - 9.00am

Morning Drinks 11.00am

Lunch 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Afternoon Drinks 3.00pm

Evening Meal 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Supper 9.00pm onwards

Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day and night, as well as fresh fruit. Relatives are welcome to dine with you with notice given to the kitchen staff. However relatives are requested to refrain from dining with other clients in the dining room.

Doctors and other professional services

A doctor will be allocated to you if your own doctor is unable to maintain his/her service.

The following services are offered at the care centre and may incur an additional cost:

Hospital visits

Where a resident is accompanied on a planned hospital appointment, a charge may be incurred. All transport costs to and from hospital are rechargeable.


A hairdresser visits the home on a regular basis. The price list is available within the hairdressing salon; appointments are not always necessary.


Optical services are available upon request.


Dental services are available upon request.


A chiropodist visits the home regularly. Should you require an NHS assessment, our staff will be happy to advise you on this. (Free if referred by G.P.)


The care centre will have a pet policy that can be discussed with the Manager prior to admission.


We encourage active involvement from our residents/relatives and friends, and we highly value their opinions.  Any suggestion or comment they may have is most welcome.  As stated, our Care Centre Manager is more than happy to discuss comments or concerns and to aid this process we hold regular Relatives and Residents meetings.

Personal Items

It is advisable that items of value are not kept within the care centre. We realise that some items are of sentimental value. However, we would refer you to the company's insurance details contained in the terms and conditions of residency.

Fire, Health and Safety

Fire instructions are placed in all bedrooms and by each red 'break alarm' box. We would ask that all residents who are able and visitors to familiarise themselves with this. Fire alarms are tested weekly.

Uniforms and badges

All our care-related staff wear uniforms with the exception of the Care Centre Manager. Staff who have achieved long service of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years receive a long service badge which will be displayed on their uniform. They may also wear NVQ achievement badges. All staff wear name badges.