Philosophy of Care

Our Philosophy of Care

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standard of care to all our residents through a range of specialist services.

First and foremost, it is our aim to provide an environment that all residents can regard as their home. We are therefore focused on making sure our residents are cared for in a safe, warm, secure and caring environment. We recognise that our care centre must operate to meet the needs of our residents and that their wishes are paramount.

We offer care that is of the highest standard, and is tailored to meet individuals with specific wishes and choices.  These choices will be respected at all times. We are determined to preserve the dignity, individuality and privacy of our residents, and do this in a manner that is sensitive to their ever-changing needs.

Care is planned with regard to current research and guidelines on good practice.  Wherever possible, the resident and their family will be involved in the planning of care.  Input from relatives will be encouraged and valued.  We achieve these objectives through programmes of care, therapy and activities designed to improve or maintain levels of cognitive development and function, physical condition, self-esteem and interaction.

We will provide care that is non-discriminatory.  Our residents will be treated with respect, regardless of age, sex, race or religious belief.  We acknowledge the right of our residents to worship in their own faith, and assistance will be given to make sure this is possible. 

Our aims and objectives 

  • Meridian Healthcare will develop a portfolio of quality homes that deliver the highest standards of care services in warm and homely environments.
  • We will ensure that all residents' needs are identified and addressed in a holistic manner on an individual basis.
  • We shall endeavour to develop our expertise in care provision to ensure we can meet continuing care demands, with the flexibility to meet the continually changing market of needs.
  • We will remain committed to our staff and will support their personal development through training and career progression.  The commitment to our staff allows us to continue to focus on developing standards of excellence in all our homes.
  • Our approach to care is one that encompasses all physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.  Residents will be encouraged to be as involved as possible in any decision-making affecting their package of care.